FLOOD RESPONSE (Emergency Action and Relief Operations)

Extremely heavy rainfall and floods hit India in July 2021. The continuous downpourcoupled with land slide and mud slide led to massive damages and loss of loves across 10 states. Rain toll in Maharashtra alone was 213. (Source: MHA)

MahaPECOnet along with development partners swung in quick action to provide a unified response followed by multisectoral joint rapid need assessment (JRNA) withSPHERE India and Red R India to assist the worse hit regions in the state. With partners, support has been mobilised for over 26000+ families, ensuring relief items,essentials, hygiene and dignity kits, educational and recreation items, collection points along with a distribution plan are being implemented. Continuous discussionsas part of GOTO meetings  have been held to understand challenges and address them along with strong hygiene promotion considering the multiple hazard likeCovid risk

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Co-MARG (Collaboration-Maharashtra Action for Covid Response in Grameen)

Maha PECOnet has added to it’s focus on vulnerable groups across the rural and tribal areas of the state.

The objective is to bridge the digital divide through community outreach for promotion of vaccination eagerness and infection prevention and control through WaSH supplies.

The project as it’s name ‘Co-MARG’ suggests will create a pathway for effective response, recovery and rehabilitation. The efforts are funded by UNICEF Maharashtra; with a focus on 6 districts- Palghar, Pune, Thane, Nashik, Nagpur and Raigad covering 25+ blocks, 323 Gram Panchayats and 353+ Villages.

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Maha PECOnet 2.0 (present focus- 2021)

With the resurgence of Covid-19 in India, our efforts have doubled up. Our members with 300+ on-the-ground volunteers and teams are working round the clock. Our services include emergency relief- Oxygen Concentrators, Hospital Supplies, Non-Essential Items, Vaccination Awareness, and Assistance to ensure no one is left unattended in these times of crisis. Since March 2021, we have delivered support to over 171,000 people under various programs. We ensure that our efforts reach the unreached Covid-19 victims in India.

Maha PECOnet 1.0 (2020)

MAHA PECOnet is a UNICEF Mumbai-facilitated network of volunteers, corporates, government bodies, and over 75+ civil society organizations formed to streamline the efforts and services offered by them amid lockdown and unlock frenzy.

Our efforts have helped over 10,00,000 people pan India in 2020. Some of these services and solutions include relief to the out-of-work, helpless migrant laborers, designs for zero-touch, foot-operated handwashing stations, and sanitizer dispensers, standardized operating procedures for using community toilets, protocols for sanitizing community toilets, reopening of schools, and distributing food and dry ration to families living in slums.

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Mahapeconet 1.0

Migrants Served
No. of People Reached
Women & Children Helped

Mahapeconet 2.0

Community Awareness Outreach
Assisted in Vaccine Registration
Total Vaccination Helpdesks
No. of Villages Reached
No. of Low Income Localities reached
No. of Cities and Districts reached
No. of Social Mobilisers
Funds Raised $

* Updated on 15 August,2021

Co – Marg Dashboard

One Pandemic Multiple Warriors by UNICEF India: Response by Maharashtra Covid Platform 2.0


Vaccination Campaign

Raising awareness on coronavirus vaccines among people to tackle any hesitancy in getting doses. Our efforts also includes campaign to stop the spread of fake news using different communication tools.

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Relief Activities

Ensuring Oxygen Concentrators and Ventilators, Jumbo/Dura Cyclinders supplies are provided for all COVID patients. Ration kits and Cooked meals are provided to the needy ensuring complete nutrition.

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Special Initiatives

Collaboration with faith Based Organisations to reach out to people from different communitites to spread out information about Vaccination and CAB. Also enaging young people to lead action against COVID-19

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Covid Appropriate Behaviour

Raising awareness about Social Distancing, regular hand wash, using proper face masks and other Covid Appropriate Behaviours through different audio, video and graphical messages.

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Housing and Essential Services

Providing temporary shelters and camps, WASH in Emergency, Public Health Infrastructure, Social Sector Service Continuity, Education Infrastructure and Service Continuity.

Social Protection and Entitlements

Working on Food security and Public Distribution System, Direct Cash Transfers And Protection Issues and Trafficking

Informal Labour and Livelihoods

Focused work for Marginal Farmers and Landless Labour, Seasonal and Permanent Migrant Workers, Agriculture and Conservation, NREGS in both Rural and Urban Settings

Adaptation and Community Resilience

Building Community Resilience and Action including Climate Change Adaptation and Convergence between local governments, CBOs and women’s SHGs

Skill Development

Collaborating with stakeholders from government, industry, donors and others to implement programmes around skill development, employment and entrepreneurship as well as post Covid readiness education.

One Pandemic Multiple Warriors by UNICEF India: Response by Maharashtra Covid Platform


A Special Message on CAB By Amol Gupte

A Special Message on COVID Appropriate Behaviour by renowned Screenwriter, Actor, and Director Amol Gupte. The past waves have tested us with the severity of the situation and lets remind ourselves of safety measures for the same. By following these measures properly, we will be able to reduce the dangerous situation that might arise in the future. Circumstances may not be in our hand, but we fought back and the answer lies only with us. Follow all hygiene protocols as has been advised by the World Health Organisation.

Follow Covid Appropriate Behaviours, Hand washing and maintain Social distances
Step out of your homes ONLY if you have to. Let’s remember to save our family and society.
An initiative by Project Mumbai in partnership with Maha PECOnet 2.0 and UNICEF Maharastra.

  • Get your family Vaccinated,
  • Get your jab at the earliest. Urge others to get vaccinated too.
  • Each one-take one along.
  • For a healthier safer Mumbai


Issued in public interest by Project Mumbai and MahaPeconet

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Part I of 3 series Podcast of Mr Amol Gupte. Courtesy Project Mumbai.

Part II of 3 series Podcast of Mr Amol Gupte. Courtesy Project Mumbai.

Part III of 3 series Podcast of Mr Amol Gupte. Courtesy Project Mumbai.


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