-Narrated by Arohan Jawahar Palghar Team

At the start of March and April, when had conducted a campaign, that time everyone used to rum always in the forest and hide. They would tell others not to take vaccines. People die because of it. They do check-ups, and after being becoming positive they take us to the hospital and kill us by giving an injection. They would not come to the hospitals even if they are very ill. But in August we went again, we gave them all the information about the vaccine and why it is necessary to take it. Apart from that even if the vaccine is taken using a mask, maintaining social distancing, washing hands are also important. We gave them the example of the Aadhar card. When there was a campaign for the Aadhar card no one was interested and many of them did not make it. But after knowing that it is a very important document for nearly every purpose they made by standing in a long queue and even by spending the money. Then they realized the importance of the campaign when it gave them Aadhar cards very easily. The same would happen with vaccination. Just take the benefit of the campaign. In some days vaccination will be compulsory for every work, then you will have to take it after doing lots of struggle and have to spend money. So if you are ready to take the vaccine we will do the registrations. We told them you are ready then give your names to the Asha workers. Many people were interested to give their names, they understood the importance of the vaccination. And when the vaccination drive was there, ANM called me and told me that wherever you gave the information 70-80% of people have come from there. And when people say that, because of you we got registered we feel very nice.