IIYW team started the vaccination awareness drive in Kodegaon in Saoner Taluka in July 2021. While discussions with the Sarpanch of Kodegaon, IIYW got to know that few elderly persons in the village have developed a fear for Covid vaccine and are avoiding the same. Sarpanch and gram panchayat members tried convincing them but it was in vain and 1 person -Namdeo Raoji is not ready to get the 2nd vaccine. Knowing this, IIYW volunteers and block coordinator reached his house in the back lane of the village at late night. The team started the discussion with him about vaccines. Namdeorao told that he got the first vaccine 3 months ago, after which he got aw3a minor fever for 2 days. Later the fever continued for more days and he was fear-struck and thought that it was because of the vaccine. He visited the doctor and the doctor asked him to get the blood test done. Unfortunately, the blood reports showed that he had got Typhoid. Later, for about a month and more, a doctor at PHC gave him the required treatment and he was thoroughly recovered later in about 1.2 months. He was all good and hearty by then when the IIYW team visited him. But, his mind was negative about the 2nd vaccine as he had a myth that he got ill because of the 1st dose. Studying this case, the IIYW team slowly build rapport with him and his family. They tried to visit him often and convince him of 2nd dose. As the 2nd dose was due by the first week of Sept 2021, the team tried its level best. They showed him authentic videos about vaccination and the necessity of getting vaccinated. After 12 days of meetings with him, he agreed to take the 2nd dose. The vaccination drive was planned in the first week of Sept at Kodegaon and Namdeo Rao was assisted to the vaccination center by the Co-marg-IIYW team. Volunteers supported him with transportation support and also took his friend Mahadeo for the 2nd dose of vaccination.