– Narrated by Umesh Nalawade, CYDA, Nashik

The relief work initiatives that are being implemented on the ground within the rural parts of Nashik by our CYDA team have been witnessing that the people from the community are feeling hesitant to get themselves registered for their covid-19 vaccinations because of the increasing rumours and myths about the vaccination. One of our initiatives has been campaigning from door to door-individual to individual to spread awareness and break the chain of vaccine hesitancy. While we carried out this initiative we realized that it is the outbreak of the pandemic which is stopping the individuals from even taking their vaccinations as they feel that it won’t stop the further spread or help in prevention, the community people do not have the access to the authentic information regarding the virus and the cure and that one needs to also follow the Covid appropriate behaviour while stepping out of their houses like wearing masks and using sanitizers. Our team has been actively involved in sharing the right information one needs to know regarding how should they register for their vaccination, and follow the required steps to stop the spread of the virus.