-Narrated by Umesh Nalawade, CYDA,Nashik

Dari is a village about 16 km from Nashik. When vaccination was started in the country for the prevention of coronavirus like many villages people from this village were reluctant to get registered and vaccinated. People would not understand that vaccination is a prevention method for corona, but rather they would think it will affect their health or that it will cause some major side effects so they were very scared of it and not ready to get vaccinated. We realized that this is a very serious issue and a major obstacle in the fight against Covid. we decided to go to the village to inform all the villagers about vaccination. We conducted awareness programs in the village. We showed them how important vaccination is, why vaccination is done and how they will be at threat if they do not get vaccinated. After this many people believed that the vaccination is important and it is not a harmful thing rather it is beneficial. And 160 people got registered in the Primary Health Centres. By this remaining people were encouraged and they also showed interest in the registration of vaccination. And there is no more hesitancy in people about vaccination and everyone has a positive approach towards it.