In a concerted effort to promote market access for the products crafted by women participating in the Umaid Abhiyaan initiative in the rural areas of Karad taluka, the Karad Jatra was organized from 28th February to 1st March. This event provided a significant platform for rural women entrepreneurs to showcase their creations, resulting in a remarkable financial turnover of over 20 lakhs.

The Karad Jatra attracted visitors from Sangli, Kolhapur, Pune, and Satara districts, who flocked to explore the diverse range of products offered by 123 women self-help groups. With the collective efforts of Umaid-Taluka Abhiyan Management Room, Karad Panchayat Samiti, and Dnyandeep National Social and Educational Development Society, 100 stalls were set up to showcase the exquisite creations of these enterprising women.

The fair’s success can be attributed to its innovative approach and meticulous planning, capturing the attention of the Union Ministry of Rural Development. As a testament to its accomplishments, a team from the Ministry will be visiting the event to engage and interact with the women of the self-help groups, recognizing their contributions and success.

The Karad Jatra not only served as a marketplace but also symbolized a celebration of women’s entrepreneurship and resilience. It provided a platform for rural women to exhibit their skills, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit. By offering an assured sales avenue, the event empowered these women to generate sustainable livelihoods and gain recognition for their craft.

The financial turnover of over 20 lakhs signifies the tremendous impact the Karad Jatra had on the participating women entrepreneurs. This substantial achievement not only brought economic benefits but also instilled a sense of pride, motivation, and self-belief among the rural women, reinforcing their potential for growth and success.

The success of the fair was a result of the collective support, collaboration, and enthusiasm of various stakeholders. The Umaid Abhiyaan initiative played a pivotal role in nurturing and empowering women in the rural areas of Karad taluka, enabling them to break barriers and find avenues for economic independence.

The Karad Jatra stands as a shining example of how inclusive initiatives and market access opportunities can uplift and transform the lives of rural women entrepreneurs. It serves as an inspiration to other regions and showcases the immense potential for socioeconomic development that lies within rural communities.

The Union Ministry of Rural Development’s recognition further validates the impact and significance of Umaid Abhiyaan and its commitment to empowering women in rural areas. The visit from the Ministry’s team will provide an opportunity to learn from the success of Karad Jatra and further enhance support for women’s entrepreneurship and self-help groups.

Through sustained efforts and continued collaboration, the Umaid Abhiyaan initiative aims to expand its impact, reach more women, and create a favorable ecosystem for the growth of rural women entrepreneurs across the region.