In Waghwadi and Ghutake (Bhambarde) villages, located in the Mulshi Block of Pune, the annual heavy rains bring with them the imminent threat of floods and landslides. To mitigate the risks and ensure the safety of the villagers, temporary migration becomes a necessity during this period. However, this migration phase poses its own challenges, leaving the villagers helpless without proper shelter and access to basic necessities.

Understanding the predicament faced by these vulnerable communities, URMEE, a dedicated organization, took proactive measures to support each family in Waghwadi and Ghutake villages during the heavy rains in July and August 2022. Recognizing the importance of immediate action, URMEE approached MahaPECOnet Secretariat – Rise Infinity Foundation (RIF) to coordinate their relief efforts.

With the assistance of MahaPECOnet, URMEE secured shelter kits provided by Amazon India through United Way Mumbai. The prompt response and collaboration between these organizations proved instrumental in providing relief to the villagers during the rainy season. In total, 180 shelter kits were distributed to 603 people residing in these vulnerable villages.

The distribution of the shelter kits took place between 16th August and 22nd August 2022. URMEE, along with village stakeholders and local volunteers, worked together to ensure the kits reached the intended recipients. These kits served as a lifeline for the villagers, offering them temporary shelter and vital support during the challenging period of migration.

By addressing the immediate needs of the affected families, URMEE played a significant role in alleviating the hardships faced by the villagers of Waghwadi and Ghutake. The shelter kits provided a sense of security and respite, allowing the families to face the rains and potential disasters with greater resilience.

The collaboration between URMEE, MahaPECOnet, Rise Infinity Foundation, Amazon India, and United Way Mumbai highlights the power of partnerships in driving effective relief efforts. It is through such collective action that tangible change can be brought to the lives of vulnerable communities.