In July 2022, Maharashtra faced heavy rainfall and subsequent flooding, leading to the displacement of numerous individuals. In response to this crisis, Centre For Youth Development and Activities (CYDA), in collaboration with Yashwantrao Chavan School of Social Work (YCSSW), took a proactive step to provide relief to the flood-affected people in Satara.

The affected individuals had been relocated to shelters in Dudhoshi, Dare, and Ghavari, located in the Mahabaleshwar Taluka of Satara District. Recognizing the urgency and need for assistance, CYDA and YCSSW initiated a donation campaign utilizing various online platforms such as social media and WhatsApp groups. They also relied on word-of-mouth communication to raise awareness and gather relief materials.

The response from individuals, both within and outside the community, was heartening. Donations poured in, including half a tonne of ready-to-eat food items, 100 blankets, 50 mats, and clothing, among other essential items. The collective effort of volunteers, donors, and well-wishers made it possible to assemble these relief materials.

Once the donations were collected, CYDA and YCSSW organized the logistics to ensure that the relief items reached the flood-affected people in Satara promptly. The relief materials were dispatched to the shelters in Dudhoshi, Dare, and Ghavari, providing much-needed support and comfort to those in need.

This collaborative relief effort by CYDA and YCSSW exemplifies the power of community solidarity and compassionate action during times of crisis. The generosity and kindness shown by individuals who contributed to the donation campaign played a crucial role in providing relief to those affected by the flooding.

The organizations’ dedication to making a difference in the lives of the flood-affected people is commendable. By leveraging online platforms, word of mouth, and the spirit of volunteerism, CYDA and YCSSW successfully collected and distributed essential relief materials to support the affected individuals in Satara.

The collective efforts of CYDA, YCSSW, volunteers, and donors serve as a reminder that even in the face of adversity, the spirit of humanity can prevail. By working together, we can extend a helping hand to those in need, providing them with the support and resilience necessary to rebuild their lives and communities.