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Series of Resources for Efficiency and Growth 

Maha PECOnet launched it’s first virtual Workshop ‘Series on Resources for Efficiency and Growth’, which aimed to support our NGO partners, develop effective and well-managed organizations that make best use of their human and financial resources to maintain sustainability.

Training program covered a wide range of topics as shared below:

ENA Training

The Emergency Needs Assessment (ENA) Training sessions were organized by RISE Infinity Foundation – MahaPECOnet Secretariat and RedR India supported by UNICEF Maharashtra. The first webinar session was conducted on 22.07.2022, Friday. The topic was “Understanding the nature of emergencies, response and needs of the most vulnerable during disasters”. The second session was conducted on 29.07.2022, Friday. The topic was “Overview of humanitarian response sectors and Needs Assessment”. The third Emergency Needs Assessment (ENA) Training session was conducted on 23.08.2022, Tuesday. The topic was “Types of Emergency Needs Assessment, Tools and Techniques”. There were 650+ registrations in total including all the sessions. Around 350+ participants joined them. All the sessions were conducted in Marathi for a better reach to the grassroot level organizations. Out of the total 36 districts, participants from 31 districts of Maharashtra joined the sessions.

Thematic Led Disaster Management Training Programme: 

RedR India in collaboration with UNICEF Maharashtra and MahaPECOnet organized a four days residential training on ”Thematic led Disaster Management Training Programme” focussing on preparedness and peacetime planning. The training was organized in Pune from 12th to 15th December 2022. 20 NGO members of MahaPECOnet attended the training representing 15 districts of Maharashtra. The training sessions were focused on the four thematic areas of MahaPECOnet. On the first day, the participants were introduced with basic concert and key terminologies of Disaster Management along with the introduction of the basic concepts and importance of each thematic area with respect to Maharashtra context. Day two and three involved interactive sessions with the participants for detailed learning of the thematic groups.  The last day of the training was a scenario based exercise where the participants were divided into groups working in different NGO sectors and a scenario of a severely flood affected village in Maharashtra was given. The NGO groups had to respond to the situation, engage with the local administration, plan for the Needs Assessment and develop funding proposals for various activities under their sector. At the end of the training, the participants shared their learning experience which showed that there was a shift in the outlook of the participants from the development sector to viewing issues through a disaster lens

Measles Webinar

In view with the increasing cases of measles among children at different hotspots of Maharashtra. MahaPECOnet organized a zoom webinar on “Emerging risk of Measles and role of the NGOs” on 02.12.2022. The webinar was facilitated by Dr. P. K. Rana. 56 participants joined the webinar from 17 districts of Maharashtra. The webinar was a learning opportunity for the members who worked in the hotspot locations.

Data Driven Approach For Urban Poor

Arch. Pratima Joshi, Co-founder and Executive Director of Shelter Associates our expert speaker shared knowledgeable insights on ‘Data Driven Approach for the Urban Poor.’
Key takeaways included how to adopt a data-driven approach to reach societal goals and create a framework for evidence based decision making and collaboration between local governments, the private sector and the public at large.

Date: Friday, 17 September
Timing: 4 p.m. to 5 p.m.


The Mindfulness Session was conducted by  Master Zubin Driver, Founder and Coach, The Big Ripple
Participants walk away learning how to:

  • Be successful in spite of stress!
  • Breakthrough and not breakdown under life’s challenges-gain emotional strength!
  • Be a part of solutions!
  • Take charge of your life!
  • Make better and powerful choices

Webinar Date: 1st October, 2021
Webinar Timings: 4.00 p.m. – 5.00 p.m

Volunteering and Networking

This informative webinar on Volunteering and Networking for Maha PECOnet members allowed

Facilitator for the event- Mr. Ebenezer Vidyasagar serves as a board member of Vibha India, an organisation that focuses on quality education for children from socio-economically marginalised families.

His vast experience enabled participants to learn:

– How to use networking and volunteering to build a better organisation
– Using volunteering as a strategy to create an impact

Webinar Date -19th November
Webinar Time – 4.00 to 5.00 p.m.

Corporate Tie-Ups For NGOs

Impact on society, whether short term or long term, is the ultimate goal of every social sector organization. It can be affected when social sector organizations work in synergy with the corporates having similar vision and mission. This webinar covered the importance of working in synergy with the corporates

Some of the key questions were focused:
– How to identify the corporates which would come forward to support?

– Steps on what it takes for collaboration with the corporates including pre collaborative steps, collaborative steps and post collaborative steps.

Speaker Profile
Dr. Nidhi H Kewalramani is a Project Director at Tech Mahindra Foundation and Dean Healthcare Academies. Tech Mahindra SMART Academies for Healthcare train youth to become skilled paramedical professionals and provide adequate support to the healthcare setup throughout the country.

Webinar Date: 10th December, 2021
Webinar Timings: 4.00 p.m. – 5.00 p.m

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