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Case Study

2022 – 2023

Empowering Girls through Menstrual Health Management and Environmental Awareness – Abhinav Bahuudheshiya Kala Manch

June 7, 2023|case study|

In a concerted effort to promote market access for the products crafted by women participating in the Umaid Abhiyaan initiative in the rural areas of Karad taluka, the […]

Providing Shelter and Support: URMEE’s Relief Efforts in Waghwadi and Ghutake Villages

June 7, 2023|case study|

In July 2022, Maharashtra faced heavy rainfall and subsequent flooding, leading to the displacement of numerous individuals. In response to this crisis, Centre For Youth Development and Activities […]

Empowering Communities for Disaster Preparedness: The Aapada Mitra Training Initiative – Harit Gram Seva Sanstha

June 7, 2023|case study|

In December 2022, MahaPECOnet, in collaboration with RedR India, organized a four-day residential training program in Pune, aimed at selected active members. The primary objective of the training […]

Rebuilding Lives: Providing Safety Kits to Flood-Affected Families in Wardha District – Sahyadri Foundation

June 7, 2023|case study|

In the wake of heavy rains that lashed the Wardha district in July2022, numerous villages were inundated, and citizens were forced to evacuate to safer locations. The devastating […]

Strengthening Disaster Preparedness in Palghar Schools: The Saksham Initiative

June 7, 2023|case study|

In the tribal district of Palghar, located near Mumbai, the Resilient Foundation has taken a proactive approach to address the region’s vulnerability to different types of disasters. Understanding […]

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