Climate Change Adaptation and Community Resilience

The weight of scientific evidence for rapid climate change is not only overwhelming but also undeniable. Climate change is predicted to have a latitudinal impact ranging from adversely affecting ecosystems and biodiversity to increased disaster situations as well as direct impact on human health, livelihoods and habitat. Therefore, mitigation strategies warrant global collective efforts and political will, along with action right down to the individual level focusing on Climate change adaptation and mitigation.

Within the given context, a focus on supporting vulnerable communities to be self-resourced towards adapting to climatic events, while ensuring justice and inclusion will enable long-term resilience. Hence the Thematic 4 on Climate Change Adaptation and Community Resilience has been designed to strategically intervene in the following sub areas:

  • Disaster preparedness and risk reduction
  • Climate Change
  • Community Action and Resilience including Urban Resilience
  • Key role of Local Governments, CBOs, Women’s Self help groups and other community based group

Furthermore, within each sub group, targeted interventions, research and advocacy campaigns can be initiated in order to further the overall thematic agenda. Some of the examples of activities and the targeted population groups include:

  • Climate change mitigation and adaptation with a justice lens
  • Facilitating conservation and sustainability
  • Disaster Management
  • Disaster risk reduction and disaster preparedness
  • Enabling community resilience – SHGs, CBOs, youth groups, tribals other community based groups
  • Research and advocacy in any of the above

Thematic Partners

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