Housing and Basic Services

The COVID-19 pandemic and other natural disasters during this last year, have once again highlighted the need to focus on adequate and disaster resilient housing within the Right to Adequate Housing Framework. 

With the increased need to quarantine/isolate, maintain physical distancing, inability to pay for housing due to financial distress, COVID-19 has impacted the capacity and experience in homes.

Adding to the mix, natural disasters compound the impact on populations by directly causing the collapse of the housing structures as well as adversely impacting the lives and livelihoods of the victims. Therefore, in order to recover from the current disaster situation, there was a need to focus on building back better along with enhancing mitigation policies programs on disaster preparedness. 

Within the given context, a focus on ensuring safe, adequate and resilient housing and basic services is the foundation on which households can build their long-term stability and security. Hence the Thematic 1 on Housing and Basic Services has been designed to strategically intervene in the following sub areas through a habitat rights based lens:

  • Housing in disasters
  • Shelter and Camps
  • Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)  

Furthermore, within each sub group, targeted interventions, research and advocacy campaigns can be initiated in order to further the overall thematic agenda. Some of the examples of activities and the targeted population groups include:

  • Habitat rights (low income urban, rural & tribal communities, transgenders, women, PWDs, elderly, migrants, homeless etc.)
  • Shelters and camps for vulnerable populations (homeless, elderly, PWDs, transgender, women, children etc.)
  • Prevention of forced evictions
  • Disaster Resilient Housing (low income urban, rural & tribal communities)
  • Facilitating basic services and facilities (WASH). The focus here is on WASH during DRR and as a minimum requirement.
  • Research and advocacy in any of the above

Thematic Partners

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