MahaPECOnet is a unified response platform for disaster and peace time preparedness. MahaPECOnet 3.0 is a thematic led initiative that identifies risk informed development for vulnerability reduction, disaster preparedness and mitigation for community resilience and social sector recovery for early restoration and Build Back Better. The Thematic Areas are Housing and Basic Services; Social Protection, Rights & Entitlements; Skill Development, Employment and Entrepreneurship in rural and urban context; Climate Change Adaptation and Community Resilience.

There are two Governing Council (GC) members assigned for each of these Thematic Areas. Each thematic area will be led by thematic anchors, co-lead and a core group. MahaPECOnet has its presence in every district of Maharashtra. Members are from multiple development background including civil society actors, CSRs, social enterprises, government bodies, professionals, academicians and volunteers working towards disaster and vulnerability reduction by Relief, Response, Preparedness and Recovery.

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