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Co-MARG Team in Action
Aug,2021 | Media

Chalta Bolta Campaign

June,2021 | Media

Vaccination Registration and Assistance

June,2021 | Media

Covid Appropriate Behaviour Awareness

June,2021 | Media

Menstrual Kits Distribution

June,2021 | Media

Door To Door and Vaccination Support
June,2021 | Media

Vaccination Helpdesks and Housing Soceities Outreach
June,2021 | Media

Vaccination Registration Drive
June,2021 | Media


Video Gallery

#Flush The Virus # Chase The Virus: Urban Covid Response in Million Plus Cities of Maharashtra

Dec,2021 | Video

Vaccination for Senior Citizens – Simple & Easy Process

June,2021 | Video

Role models and front line workers as early adopters from different parts of Maharashtra with appeal for vaccination.

June,2021 | Video

Flush The Virus Campaign Implemented by one of our development partner CYDA and supported By UNICEF.

June,2021 | Video

MahaPecoNet partners taking part in the #PassOnThePad challenge on International menstrual hygiene day 2021

June,2021 | Video

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