Special Initiatives

Communities coming together to fight the pandemic

Collaboration with Faith based Organizations

Our team has been collaborating with faith based communities and organizations of all religions and involving the religious leaders as ambassadors of change and has seen them as equally important partners to coordinate their service towards the humanity affected by this pandemic

Youth Peer Educators

We have also considered the “Role of YOUTH in Social Change” as predominant  in taking actions and effective steps to restrain the COVID-19 pandemic and perform a vital role by demonstrating their leadership and contribute towards the interventions and solutions towards a safer world

INDIA Needs You !

We need to join forces to grant dignity and access to rights and resources for all marginalised and vulnerable groups.We have delivered support to over 1 Million people since 2020 under various programs. But, Today We Need YOUR Support to do more. Get in touch with us to start making a difference.

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