Vaccination Campaign

Response In Creating And Enabling Awareness On Vaccination And Mass Immunisation

People Assisted in getting registered for the vaccination
People reached through the Awareness Campaign

* Updated on 15 August,2021

Chalta Bolta campaign

The team on the ground are using effective channels of communication like ‘Loudspeakers’ across the streets #chaltaboltacampaign to raise awareness, address key issues and propagate Covid-19 pandemic related information. A wider outreach from the inception to its completion was designed and effectively achieved by our team especially in the unfamiliar and unreached regions across the State impacting millions of community members

Vaccination helpdesk

In order to curb the reluctance about getting the vaccine and ensuring maximum accessibility for vaccine registration our team initiated a stationed vaccination and health help desk at places wherein the volunteers across the State are helping individuals register for the Covid-19 vaccine. Our team was able to successfully help individuals register for their vaccination and provide regular assistance to answer their queries related to vaccination.

Support to Municipal Vaccination Center

Our team was consistently supporting the ongoing efforts of the municipal vaccination centres and their efforts during the covid-19 pandemic to support all their vaccination and immunization efforts.Months of resilient and committed efforts by our team helped the centres to safely continue their activities during the pandemic

Community Vaccination Campaign

Community awareness about the COVID-19 vaccine, considered as the need of the hour, was achieved by our team through their efficient efforts of making informative videos as one of our campaign materials conveying the message of vaccine awareness. The aim was to inform and make masses conscious against the spread of the disease and individuals to protect themselves by getting vaccinated

Tackling Misinformation On Vaccination

As fake news and misinformation about the vaccine and the COVID-19 vaccine started spreading on faster range platforms like Social Media, Community Awareness, Publishing Posters and Videos were utilised by our team and volunteers to provide insights and facts about the vaccination.

Volunteer SOP and Training

Raising awareness on coronavirus vaccines among people to tackle any hesitancy in getting doses. Our efforts also include creating awareness on Covid Appropriate behaviours and WASH behaviours to our volunteers by providing them proper training.

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